Our Ceramic Coating Experience

Everyone wants their vehicle to look just as good as the day they drove it off the lot. However, despite most people’s best efforts, few can wash and wax their car regularly enough to maintain that showroom sheen. Thankfully, our Ceramic Coating services will protect your vehicle from environmental hazards for months to come and keep it looking brand new!

Ceramic Coating is a liquid chemical polymer we apply to the exterior of your vehicle to protect its coat from external damage. The coating creates a semi-permanent bond with the surface to which it’s applied, creating a durable layer of protection. This not only makes your vehicle more resilient to environmental threats, but also preserves the pristine appearance of your exterior!

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings provide numerous value-adding benefits to the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Protection – Ceramic Coatings create a chemical-resistant surface that provides enhanced protection from several hazards, including UV damage, chemical stains, oxidization, and corrosion.

  • Easy Cleaning – Due to its hydrophobic nature, Ceramic Coating helps to repel water. This also makes it so that dirt, mud, and other water-based grime will come off more easily, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Improved Durability – The durability of Ceramic Coating means that it will last for a much longer time than conventional waxing, lasting 6-8 months with proper maintenance and care. There are even options for 2-year and 9-year coats.

  • Stunning Gloss – Nothing makes your paint pop more than a Ceramic Coating. Enhancing the reflective qualities of your finish, Ceramic Coating helps elevate and accentuate the details of your finish while providing a dazzling gloss.

*Ceramic Coatings are only available with our Exterior or Complete Detail packages.
*Ceramic Coatings are not a substitute for Paint Protection Film.