Your Shop For Ceramic Coatings!

Thanks to Total Surface Protection with Gtechniq and Diamond Detail we can help you protect your vehicle’s finishes from all of the elements that our Northwest can throw at them.

This video goes over our Total Surface Protection Package which is our most inclusive ceramic coating package for people who have just purchased a new car.  Just about every surface of your vehicle is protected making this is the very best way to keep your car looking new for as long as possible.

Vehicle Protection Solutions

Even if you have never heard of ceramic coatings, you likely want to make sure that you protect your vehicle with the best products on the market.  That is exactly what we do here at our shop.

We have specialty coatings to protect every surface of your vehicle to help prevent it from aging and keep it looking new for as long as possible.  Our coatings protect virtually every surface of your vehicle.  We have Ceramic Coatings for your paint, wheels, glass, plastic, trim, gel coat, fiberglass and bare metal…that even includes your brake calipers and other accessories.  Additionally, we have specialty coatings to protect your leather and various fabric surfaces from stains, bacteria, dye transfer and chaffing.

Take a look at our videos, give us a call and stop by to go over your specific needs for your vehicle.

Be sure to also view our paint protection film solutions for preventing rock chips here.

Call us or stop by to discuss a solution to suit your specific vehicle needs.

The videos below help demonstrate the amazing lasting protection of Gtechniq products.

This video shows off how good this Toyota 4-Runner looks after driving up to Snoqualmie Pass and doing some very light off-roading.  Your vehicle really does stay clean longer is much easier to keep clean with Gtechniq Ceramic coatings.

While this video was created with installers in mind, you will get a glimpse into what is involved in the “Crystal Serum Black Package” which is our 9-year ceramic coating package from Gtechniq to protect your paint against sap, bird droppings, environmental fallout, road film wash related marring and more.

You can see how water does not want to stay on the paint in this video.  The video is after one year of wear and tear and there is no noticeable difference in its hydrophobic properties.  Since these products are chemically bonded to the paint instead of just sitting on the surface they don’t attract contamination like wax and they last so much longer.  The package applied was the Crystal Serum Black package.

This is the Smart Fabric Coating applied to half of a convertible top.  When water is splashed on it you can see that one side gets soaked and absorbs all of the water and dirt while the other side is protected.  This coating can go on your interior upholstery or exterior treatments like you see here.  Smart Fabric and Leather Guard from Gtechniq both have anti-microbial properties that prevent bacteria from growing on treated areas.  (In the Northwest we are in an ideal climate for bacteria growth)