Long-Lasting Durability

Traditionally it has been difficult to recapture the immaculate look and feel of your car from the day you bought it. Even with regular cleaning and waxing, imperfections such as water spots, scuffs, stains, and swirls can quickly cover the surfaces of your vehicle. Ceramic Coatings can help prevent this, making your vehicle more resistant to the elements and easier to clean. It also enhances your car’s glossy appearance making it look even better than the day you bought it.  These coatings can be applied to a brand new vehicle to enhance the gloss and protect it for years to come and they can also be applied to a car that needs some reconditioning to make it look new again.  Either way, the end results are stunning.

We exclusively use Gtechniq products for our Ceramic Coating services, which include:

  • A comprehensive multi-point inspection and correction of your vehicle’s finishes prior to the coating application

  • Best in Industry Ceramic protection for exterior surfaces including bare metal

  • Incredible Protection for leather, vinyl, and carpet using Smart Fabric and Leather Guard from Gtechniq

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings provide numerous value-adding benefits to the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Protection – Ceramic Coatings create a chemical-resistant surface that provides enhanced protection from several hazards, including UV damage, chemical stains, oxidization, and corrosion.

  • Easy Cleaning – Due to its hydrophobic nature, Ceramic Coating helps to repel water. This also makes it so that dirt, mud, and other water-based grime will come off more easily, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Improved Durability – The durability of Ceramic Coating means that it will last for a much longer time than conventional waxing, lasting 6-8 months with proper maintenance and care. There are even options for 2-year and 9-year coats.

  • Stunning Gloss – Nothing makes your paint pop more than a Ceramic Coating. Enhancing the reflective qualities of your finish, Ceramic Coating helps elevate and accentuate the details of your finish while providing a dazzling gloss.

*Ceramic Coatings are only available with our Exterior or Complete Detail packages.
*Ceramic Coatings are not a substitute for Paint Protection Film.

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Diamond Detail has been providing exceptional Auto Detailing services to the Puget Sound area since 2013. Our incredible staff provides an unrivaled service experience to our customers, prioritizing clear, honest communication and striving to exceed quality expectations with every visit. As a trusted fixture in our local community, we provide the absolute best service possible to meet the needs of our customers.

The detailing needs of every car is unique. Some cars simply need the carpets and windshields cleaned, whereas others require more intensive detailing work and finish protection. This why we offer a wide array of Detail Services Packages to ensure that your vehicle receives the attention and maintenance that it needs. Whether you are simply looking for a basic cleaning or are wanting to get your car showroom-ready, we are here and ready to cover all your Auto Detail needs!